Palletizing robot with 18 working stations

Spain, 2018

In a production center with people with intellectual disabilities dedicated to the injection of alveoli for fruit, a palletizing cell is installed to prevent workers from having to manually load boxes. Installation works with 18 palletizing stations that can work with their 18 different products at same time. System allows, selecting by screen, where to palletize each product an discrimination is done automatically with a label reader. A security area system has been implemented in order to allow collection of pallets without stopping production and without any risk for users.


Anthropomorphic robot, 15 meter track, boxes collector with 2 entrances, label reader


  • a single robot for 18 palletizing stations.
  • elimination of product discrimination errors.
  • total traceability of product, connected to customer’s database.
  • suppression of manual handling of heavy loads.