Palletizing and stretch wrapping of paint cans

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Nederland, 2016

Project of automation of two parallel lines of painting, with metal containers of 4, 5, 10 and 20 liters. Prior to palletizing, the containers must be oriented so that all handles are in the same position. The palletisation is performed simultaneously in two stations, as appropriate from one filling line or another. The final wrapping includes rain protection for outdoor storage. All formatting changes are performed automatically.


Container conveyors / Anthropomorphic robot + DNC head / Pallet dispensers AT1280 / Baler LINE + COVER / Conveyors pallets


  • Automation of the entire end of line
  • A single robotic palletizer for 2 different lines and can palletize up to 2 different products at a time
  • A single double suction head for all formats
  • Optimization of the client’s workforce
  • Orientation of the handles in the same direction, according to product