Complete end-of-line for wine bottling company

Spain, 2004

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For a wine bottler, we installed the necessary equipment to automate the process of forming, fitting and closing the boxes of the production line, as well as palletizing and baling. The line works with bottles of 0.75 and 1 liter in boxes of 6 and 12 units, with a maximum production of 4800 bottles / hour. A single multiformat head in the packer loads 24 bottles per cycle, filling 2 or 4 boxes according to capacity. The palletizing is done by a Cartesian robot.


Trainer BE2 / Mechanical encapsulator CPK8402 / Container L35 / Cartesian palletiser RMS1 / Semi-automatic baler JUNIOR with motorized rollers / Conveyors various of boxes and pallets.


  • Complete automation of the end-of-line process
  • Cost savings.
  • Hand-held suppression.
  • Increased production.
  • Manipulation of several products without change of format.