Complete end-of-line for plastic bags

USA, 2016

In a single-use plastic bag factory, we automate product nesting and palletizing. The installation consists of two palletizing lines that concentrate the production of 2 and 3 independent lines of product, each with its own boxforming machine, receiving the product and sealing the box by means of a seal or hotmelt. Each end of line has its own robot palletizer and its baler, one of which receives the pallets by means of a railcar.


Formers BE3 and BE5 / Conveyors / Boxes L35CS / Robot anthropomorphic / Baler SENIOR / Carriage for pallets


  • Automate the process of embedding (carton, embedding, closing) and palletizing (dispensing empty pallets, palletizing, baling)
  • Mixing several lines in the same palletizer
  • Rationalization of space and handling of loads
  • Optimization of the client’s workforce
  • Increased overall productivity on the lines