Complete end-of-line for liquid detergents

France, 2013

We automate the end of the entire line of bleach production and cleaning products for pools of 1,3,10 and 20 liters. Given the high seasonality of some of the products, there is a versatile installation that allows working in a wide variety of formats, allowing agile changes in production. The small plastic cans were fitted into an RSC carton using a 3-axis cartesian carton, while the large ones were palletized directly. The baling includes rain protector sheet allowing to store the product in the exterior.


Conveyors / Conveyer Bottles / Forming Machine BE3 / Packing Machine CPK8406 / L35CS Sealing Machine / Conveyor Boxes / Palletising Robot + DNC Header / LINE + COVER Baler


  • Complete automation of the processes of embedding (carton, embedding, closing) and palletizing (dispensing pallets, robotic palletizing, baling).
  • Elimination of risks in the handling of chemical.
  • Elimination of temporary labor and reduction of labor costs.
  • Increase productivity of lines.