Complete end-of-line for corrosive chemical products

Spain, 2013

Company specializing in chemicals for water treatment. Automation of the process of fitting plastic bottles with 5 liter handle, carrying out the nesting in groups of four units, to increase the production ratios. Subsequently a single robot palletizes these boxes, as well as a second end of line of bottles of 25 liters. Both palletised pallets are transported to a single automatic baler.


Bottle Conveyors / BE3 Tray / CPK8406 Enclosure / L35CS Closer / Conveyor Boxes / Robot FANUC Palletizer + DNC Head / LINE + COVER Baler


  • Automate the nesting process: forming carton, nesting, closing
  • Reduce the manipulation of the operator and reduce the occupational risk
  • Customer workforce reduction