Complete end-of-line for chemical dye cans

Greece, 2007

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We automate 6 lines of production of paints for the automotive sector with several formats of metal cans each (from 200 ml to 5 ltr) which includes the assembly of boxes, fitting of product in RSC box, closure of the box by adhesive seal, The dispensing of empty pallets, Cartesian palletiser of 3 axes and final baling of pallets. All lines are multi-product, so you have to ensure agile and accurate formatting adjustments.


Container carriers / Formers BE3 / Packer CPK8406 / Sealer D35NC of seal / Pallet dispenser AL1212 / Cartesian palletizer RM1 / Baler LINE / Conveyors of pallets.


  • Automation of end-of-line processes.
  • Rationalization of processes and space in the plant.
  • Increased production.
  • Significant increase in productive efficiency.
  • Optimization of labor.