Casepacking and palletizing of fire extinguishers


Spain, 2002

A special project is developed for extinguishers of 4 kg, 8 kg and 12 kg, as well as the process to close the boxes with hot glue, to later palletize them in a europalet. From a carousel where the quality control is performed, the carton box of the box, automatically charges the extinguisher and closes the box with hot glue. The palletizing cell includes a Cartesian robot RMS-1 and automatic pallet dispenser


CPK side packer / Container conveyors / Pallet dispenser AL1212 / Cartesian palletizer RMS-1 / Pallet conveyors.


  • Customized solution to the needs of the client.
  • Automates the nesting process (forming carton, nesting, closing) and palletizing.
  • Elimination of workforce.