Stretch wrapping equipment

The wide range of stretch wrappers that DNC supplies always enables you to find the most appropriate equipment to suit your needs, in both automatic or semi-automatic versions. We have equipment that is designed for high levels of production and unstable loading. Our situation as manafacturers permits us to customize our stretch wrappers to the specific requirements of your product.

Our commitment, the safety of your product

We apply all our knowledge in automatization and packaging to ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition

We invite you to discover our range of end-of-line solutions

Stretch wrapper Single+

High performance in a basic equipment

Stretch wrappers Serie Fenix

The most configurable equipment

Stretch wrappers Serie Senior

One more level of performance

Stretch wrappers Serie Line

The platform stretch-wrapper with the highest production on the market

Stretch wrappers Serie Spin

The solution to unstable loads


Total protection for your product

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line project

Let our team of experts contribute in the definition of your project

A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

Robust and reliable equipment with more than 40 years on the market