Palletizing Solutions

DNC’s experience in the packaging sector is reflected in every palletizing project that we complete. A thorough analysis of the requirements of your installation will allow us to offer you the optimal solution, either with a gantry or arm robot, customized with its own designed and manufactured gripper.

Our commitment, the safety of your product

We apply all our knowledge in automatization and packaging to ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition

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Compact equipment that adapts to any situation

Palletising stations for integrating into automatic lines, adaptable to work with any kind of rigid or semi-rigid packaging. They are compatible with a wide range of different containers: boxes, bags, drums, plastic containers, etc. 4AXIS machines are the best palletising solution for low and medium production lines as they are low maintenance and space efficient.

  • Suitable for a wide range of different products
  • Heads customised for the product being handled
  • Various installation options so it can be adapted to any available space
  • Format changes configured using a touch screen with graphic menu
  • Precise handling of products
  • Maximum load of 40 kg
  • Maximum production of 8 cycles per minute
  • CE certification in accordance with 2006/42/CE directive

Anthropomorphic Robot

Over 15 years of experience in robotics at your disposal

Today, the market offers us many different models of robot that are compact and especially designed to function with all types of workload and in all workplace environments. At DNC, we select the most appropriate option for each application and can personalize and adjust any robot with its own unique gripper head and specific design. The correct combination of experience and the appropriate robotic solution can be the key to success in these types of applications.

  • Personalized gripper head
  • Study of appropriate robotic solution and real production needs
  • Possibility of working with different products with the same application
  • Suitable for heavy products

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

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