Case sealer equipment

At DNC we supply case sealers for all levels of automatization and production that your business could require. We have adapatable versions of our machinery that can seal large boxes with adhesive tape, gummed paper, or hot melt glue. All of our high quality, well-established equipment represents a valuable long-term investment for your business.

Our commitment, the safety of your product

We apply all our knowledge in automatization and packaging to ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition

We invite you to discover our range of end-of-line solutions

Case sealers SERIE 15

The first step to increasing production

Case sealers SERIE 25

Ideal for combining boxes of different sizes

Case sealers Serie 35

The perfect box closure for your line

Case sealers Serie 45

Simplifying work on lines with multiple formats

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line project

Let our team of experts contribute in the definition of your project

A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

Robust and reliable equipment with more than 40 years on the market