Case packing solutions

Whatever your product, we have the casepacking solution that can meet all your requirements of manafacture. We can offer versatile systems of casepacking such as CPK, anthropomorphic robotics, or an application designed especially for your products needs. Let our experts study your requirements and propose informed and appropriate solutions for your business.

Our commitment, the safety of your product

We apply all our knowledge in automatization and packaging to ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition

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The most versatile packing solution

Automatic packer for rigid or semi-rigid products, adaptable to any production line. Equipped with a quick format change system to work with multiple references. The ideal solution for medium and low production lines

  • Compact design 
  • You can fill two or three boxes at a time • Quick head change system 
  • Adaptable to different types of containers 
  • Multiple deployment options


A compact device for confined spaces

Compact case erecting and packing monobloc, especially suitable for medium-sized production lines with little space availability. Suitable for a wide variety of products.

  •  Compact design 
  • Recommended for handling small products 
  • Screen settings 
  • Fast format change 
  • Multiple deployment options


The equipment that adapts to any production line

Compact equipment for erecting then packing boxes. Its modular design offers a wide variety of installation options so it can be adapted to any kind of workspace, no matter how small.Its various different head options make this machine a universal solution for any packing needs..

  •  Robust and optimized design 
  • Can fill two or three boxes per cycle 
  • Screen settings 
  • Fast format change 
  • Multiple deployment options

Specialized solutions

Bespoke solutions for tough situations

The variety of products on the market require manipulation systems that are appropriate for their unique characteristics. At DNC, we apply the experience and knowledge of our engineering team to your requirements in order to develop an exclusive and informed solution to your needs.

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

Let our team of experts contribute in the definition of your project

A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

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