Case erecting equipment

DNC supplies equipment for all boxes sizes and production needs, both in automatic and semi-automatic solutions. Our case erectors are robust and reliable. They are designed to work 24 hours per day, at the highest level, always offering a wide versatility.

Our commitment, the safety of your product

We apply all our knowledge in automatization and packaging to ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition

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Case erector BATEC

Reliability and precision in each box

BATEC automatic case erector provides a simple solution for a broad variety of boxes on the market in just a single device, allowing a wide range of different sizes. Easy to operate and adjust, it features a touch screen with an intuitive graphic menu that simplifies the user’s work. Maximum accuracy in each movement to guarantee high productivity and maximum quality.

  • Ideal for medium productions
  • Touch screen with graphic menu
  • Supports all types of closure
  • No box jams
  • Ergonomic box store load, seamless production

Case erector BE

The ideal equipment for large boxes

Automatic equipment for the formation of boxes type RSC and closed inferior by means of adhesive tape, glue paper or hot glue. Manually adjustable quickly and easily to work with different carton formats. Designed to be integrated into production lines, they are robust and reliable machines, ideal for high levels of production

  • Versions for medium and large cases
  • Quick and accurate format changes
  • Configurable for all case closure types
  • Smooth conveying, without damaging the boxes
  • Non-stop production, no more box jams

Case erector PA

Your first step towards automation

A semi-automatic case erector specialized for RSC cases that can be utilized as a filling table. It can be easily adjusted to function with different box formats with easy integration into a filling system which has the additional option of being linked with a case sealer. This equipment is ideal for working ergonomically and safely.

  • Perfectly formed boxes
  • Boxes are carefully pushed without damage
  • Fast and precise changes of format
  • Jamming prevention
  • Secure operation
  • Height adjustment

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A valuable addition to your end-of-line projects

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