Custom handling applications

Very special applications for very specific needs. We go beyond standard market products and apply all our know-how in the development, design and manufacture of a unique solution tailored to the requirements of your production line.

Non-contact handling of corn pancakes

Food industry. To feed a fryer of papadums, we developed a system of accumulator carts for fresh pancakes.

With a robot equipped with a head of 40 cyclonic suction cups, we place the pancakes on the conveyor that will feed the fryer with a production of 17,000 units per hour.

Exchange pallet of bottles with pharmaceutical product

Pharmacy industry. Repositioning of the bottles that leave the clean room with plastic pallets towards wooden pallets to take to the warehouse.

A robot equipped with an artificial vision camera detects the position of the handles of the bottles that come out misaligned from production to palletize them correctly aligned for stocking.

Packaging of wedding dresses

Textile industry. To optimize space in the transport of clothing items that occupy a very large volume, we designed a clamping system.

By eliminating the air from inside the boxes, we managed to triple the number of dresses per box.

Palletizing in 18 stations

Plastics industry. In a company which carries out special work dedicated to the production of seedling trays for fruit boxes, we implemented a robot with 18 palletizing stations.

By reading the barcode of each box, the robot moves on a 12-metre track and palletizes the boxes that arrive alternated with different products at the different stations.

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