Complete end-of-line for fire extinguishers

Spain, 2006

A fully automated line end is installed in an extinguisher factory, in order to avoid manual manipulation of the product. The line works with seven different formats of extinguisher of between 1 and 12kg of load. For the transport of fire extinguishers, a special strip is developed with positioning of each piece to facilitate the labeling. A formator BE4 is chosen for the particular measures of the boxes, which each contain a single extinguisher.


Conveyors / Formwork BE4 / Packing machine CPK8406 / Sealer D35NC of seal / Pallet dispenser AL1212 / Cartesian palletiser RMS-1 / Baler LINE / Conveyors of pallets


  • Complete automation of the end-of-line process.
  • Elimination of manual processes.
  • Optimization of production.
  • Reduction of labor costs and risks.
  • Very fast format change with special heads.