Complete end-of-line for chemical dye cans


France, 2016

Producer of dyes for paints to which we automated the process of fitting 1 and 2 liter cans in RSC boxes, in plastic and metallic containers (with and without handle) with a Cartesian upper 2-axis carton, in groups of 2, 4 or 6 containers per carton. The line works with 6 different formats of box, as well as metallic cans of 4 and 5 liters that pass directly to the robot palletizer.


BE-3 HM Tray with lower hotmelt sealer / CPK8406 encoder / L35CS-H1 upper hotmelt sealing / Container boxes / Anthropomorphic robot + DNC head / Pallet conveyors


  • Automation of the process of nesting and palletizing
  • Concentrate all formats into a single line end
  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Workspace Optimization
  • Robot palletizer with multi-product head to load empty pallets, boxes and boats
  • Orientation of the handles of the boats for correct introduction in box
  • Customer workforce reduction