Our Team

The main benefit of DNC is its staff, a team of professionals that are dedicated to your project and are always available to offer you their expertise in order to meet your expectations of service and quality. Our staff treat your concerns like their own and will accompany you throughout your automatization process.

Competitive Spirit

We have a young and vital leadership that knows how to face the challenges of today and that bets on the future. We are committed to developing efficient solutions and designing versatile equipment​


We grow to be the global solution of our customers. From advice on your new investments, through the design of a customized solution for your product to preventive maintenance of equipment. We offer a 360º service that represents real support. And because of that, our clients continue to entrust us with their new projects.


The quality of our equipment is a reference in the field of automation. The requirement in the selection of components and production processes, has earned us the recognition and success of our facilities. The robustness of our machinery is the best guarantee of a long and smooth operation, with minimal maintenance.


DNC has professionals with more than 40 years of experience in automation, which drive the creativity of our younger team, so that the new proposals maintain the criteria of exigency and the quality requirements that have always characterized us. The result, more accurate equipment and with better productivity rates.

A summary of our business development


Under the impulse of the current Management

DNC starts a new growth plan, based on the enhancement of the Project Engineering activity and the updating of its equipment with new technical solutions based on the Industry 4.0 concept.


DNC is actively involved in the Barcelona Packaging Andina

A cluster, carrying out a joint expansion plan with other companies in the sector that help it consolidate its presence in the Latin American market.


The first installation is carried out

Which includes an anthropomorphic robot for the palletizing, therefore initiating a new stage with the realization of engineering projects that combine elements of own manufacture with the integration of market equipment.


Complete line all made with its own products

With the installation of the first complete line in Greece, all with its own products (formed of boxes, filling, closing, palletizing and baling pallets), DNC consolidates the completion of final-line engineering projects.


Implementation of the ISO 9001

Quality management system, one more step in the implementation of a philosophy of work focused on Total Quality and the pursuit of excellenceufacture with the integration of market equipment.


The growth of activity

The growth of activity, driven especially by exports to the main European markets, forces the transfer of the activity to the existing production plant of 2,700 m2, located in l’Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona).


Begins its activity in the world of packaging

With the incorporation of a team of professionals with extensive experience, DNC begins its activity in the world of packaging, manufacturing and marketing its own equipment.


Electronic material for industrial automation

DNC SA is born as a company that distributes electronic material for industrial automation. Since its inception, it has been a major supplier to many companies in the packaging sector, including Serpack, the embryo of DNC’s future activity.

Let our team of experts contribute in the definition of your project

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Robust and reliable equipment with more than 40 years on the market