Case erecting and palletizing of food raw materials


Australia, 2009

Line of production of vegetable fats and oils in which the process of forming and closing the boxes and feeding them to the filling of the plant was automated, as well as the automated process of palletizing boxes and barrels up to 20kg From another line. After the closure of boxes, a metal detection station with rejection is integrated. The same head allows the RM robot to work simultaneously with boxes and barrels.


Formadora BE3-HM / Closer D35NC-H1 hot glue / Cartesian palletizer RM2 / Conveying machines for boxes and pallets


  • Modernization of training processes and closing of boxes.
  • Reduction of manpower.
  • Elimination of occupational hazards in the palletizing process.
  • Concentration of two lines in a single unit of palletizing.
  • Optimization of space in the workstation.