Cardboard stretch wrapping

Argentina, 2014

A stretch film baling solution was made to strapped pallets of folded and stacked cartons. The loads are very diverse, unstable and light weight, including very wide loads (up to 1600mm) so the baler had to be oversized. The load also has to be baled next to the base of the pallet to guarantee its stability, so that included in the installation a pallet lift-centering system. The baler supports the reception of pallets of different sizes at random. The cadence of the line is always above 45 pallets / hour.


SPIN Rotary Arm Pallet Baler with Pallet Lifter / Centrifuge / Pallet Conveyors


  • Loading of loads up to 1600mm wide.
  • Concentrate mixed loads of different sizes on a single equipment.
  • Ensure stability of the pallet by baling base and load set.
  • Automatic cut of the film, regardless of the size of the pallet.
  • Ensure constant production flow in high cadence.