Automatic end-of-line for chemical products bags

Spain, 2002

Multinational chemical leader in the sector in its sector requests automatic line end for 25kg bags. In order to simplify and increase productivity, a Cartesian system was installed at the outlet of a vertical bagger to introduce the bags into the carton. The boxes are formed, closed and palletized automatically, when the mosaic is finished the pallet is moved to an automatic baler with the cover function.


Bag Conveyors / BE3 Tray / CPK8406 Packer / D35NC Sealing Machine / Pallet Dispenser AL1212 / Cartesian Palletizer RM1 / Palletizer LINE / Pallet Conveyors


  • Automate the complete end of the line
  • Reducing risks
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction of labor